The head doesn't know what the tail is doing!

The head does not know what the tail is doing.  Today,  at Dog Ear publishing,  I asked again if the prices got reduced for my E book.  Don't get me wrong,  the people are great there.  I think it is just,  that they are so busy,  that they do not cover all the bases.  And,  no one is expected to know everything.  A saleslady responded through e mail that the E kindle prices should be lowered very shortly.  I also asked during that time if the Paddyfield, Bucher, WHsmith, Barnes and noble, Chapters Indigo, ect, was all lowered as well for the kindle.

She responded it would cost another 150 dollars for to put it on Apple I Pad and the Barnes and Noble format E book.  Talk about a giant surprise.  I thought that,  when it went out as an E Book from the publisher,  the formats were already done.  I mean,  really,  how difficult is it to change it from one program format to another.  So, I sent back the e mail saying,  I want it done for sure,  and sure,  charge me the 150 dollars.  I cannot miss out an opportunity to try to make, albeit, a few sales on Apple systems...  Or even Barnes and Noble.  I still cannot believe that,  they think I look that smart.  I mean,  I am somewhat handsome,  but smart...  Well..  I am average.. Lets leave it at that... It just goes to show,  you cannot ask enough questions during a process.  If you ask allot of questions, no matter how stupid they maybe,  you may catch on to something missing or,  lacking...   Have a great evening!


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