Getting ready for moose season.

My friends are getting ready for moose season.  I will be packing in the next few days.  Most important thing to have over beer ( which is hard to believe) is a compass.  Then a flashlight, some matches, a knife, and a first aid kit.  Dress warm,  as it gets really cold at night.  Frost as thick as your mothers jam collects on the windshields of the vehicles over night.  We can draw some really nice pictures of moose in some windows, and have contests. Besides that,  lots of water, food to get by,  pack sack, candies, good boots and a set of water resistant ones.

I have a GPS on my person all the time, but as we all know it is not as good as a compass.  Batteries, electronic failures can happen.  I even take extra batteries in the pouch just in case.  Another good thing to remember, is to drink lots of water,  as a body can become dehydrated from drinking just coffee and tea.

It is really windy outside,  as the hurricane heads towards St. Johns,  we are getting its tail.  No news on the book to report,  just that I have now 102 friends on goodreads.   Quite a start from just 5 or so,  and I notice that I am getting more notifications for friendships without myself looking for people who love humor, so this is a good thing..  I have begun to read a book named "The Cats Table".  Till then...


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