Back from the moose hunt!

Back from the great wilderness.  My friend was successful in getting his moose.  It is quite impressive how,  a hunter can call out such a huge animal from the edge of the woods.  It is quite like what you see on television,  or on U tube.  And then,  one shot,  and it is all over.  A good 7 mm rifle does the trick,  and it is a beautiful rifle for to use in the woods.

The only think I can say,  is gutting the moose as fast as you can is,  as you probably are already aware of is important.  Letting the heat escape,  is a good thing.  Some people leave it hang in a cool place for 3 days or so. The group I was with,  decided to cut it up and put it in large freezers.  This was something new for me,  but skinning a moose was done before.  I found the skinning part went a little better for myself.

The warm weather of the moose hunt,  made it for us to guess if the hunt was any good.  Sometimes,  if it is too warm,  the moose may not be in the mood to move.  The second day of the hunt,  our hunter got our moose.  1000 lb or less, total,  and when cut, 620 approx lbs of meat.  It is nice to be out in the woods,  and even  nicer to meet other hunters.  I must say,  that in the end,  being a part of the hunt is great when you have success,  but even if we were not successful I would have enjoyed the time anyways.

As far as my book goes,  I got maybe another 10 friends on goodreads..  Thanks Goodreads!


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