The Authors famous spaghetti sauce....

When your book has the blues,  there is something else you can do besides reaching for the booze...

Make the authors famous spaghetti sauce...  Here it goes..

1 lb of hamburger,  brown in a pan,  since the color of sales is dark.
1 lb of sausage,  brown in a pan,  since,  well never mind.
4 cloves of garlic,  because no one is asking for your signature anyways.
a tsp of basil,  as it smells like the pages of a newly sold book.
half a tsp of oregano,  this will cheer you up.
mushrooms,  1 pkg,  chopped finely,  like the white pages of your book tossed in.
one quarter green pepper,  to ease the headaches,  diced.
2 cans of crushed tomatoes,  seeing red with no sales.
1 can of tomato soup,  as it has even salt in it.
1 tsp of tomato paste.
1 small can of heinz juice,  156 ml as you ran out of beer to mix with it anyways.
pepper,  not much salt,  to taste.

But all in a big pot,  half heat boil,  then simmer for an hour.  Why an hour..  To let all the negative criticism of your book float away, and to make sure the herbs mix and share their aroma..

Ohh,  and a dash of thyme... Not too much...

Eat your heart out,  Julia Child!!!  Till then..


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