16 books gone in a weeks time

16 books left the house in a weeks time.  5 sold today alone.  It surprises me at times how certain things can happen very rapidly in one day. Where does the spark come from.  Just the awareness that comes with some advertising.  If we are not aware of the product,  then it will stay hidden forever.  I have to begin a tally to determine how many I will sell in the next little while.

I see my book is still for sale in France, Italy, Japan, England, the USA, Canada and Germany.  How would anyone in a foreign country with different languages read an English book for that matter?  Yet how would they even sell it,  if no advertising is done either?  And, to my dismay,  there is only one search engine where I can find my book listed,  and it is Google or Google chrome.  Webmaster and Norton will sometimes bring up the book after a few searches.  It did not help that the search has to have Super market broken up.  I wanted Supermarket to be together,  like the word...  But,  live and learn I guess.  The money I gather from Part 1 will go towards the launch of Part 2 in a separate account I will create at the bank...  I will not spend it on booze,  no Crown Royal or beer.  I have to restrain myself..  Till then..


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