What kind of bird is that, flying on the cover?

Someone asked me today,  why the bird flying on the cover.  What kind of bird is it,  anyways?  I paused for a few seconds,  and thought a true answer.  True as the birds and the bees.

I responded,  that bird up there came to me as to put up there as a coo coo bird.  The question mark above his head,  is like the question mark which is found invisibly above all animals out there.

Now,  the first part,  the coo coo bird.  Well, allot of people around home used to say that some people were coo coo,  or crazy.  Now,  for the second part,  the question mark is the animal asking, what are those crazy humans doing down there....

I still ask that question.  What the heck are we doing down here?  All I know is life is beautiful...


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