My mother in law read my book!

My mother in law read my book.  After reading it, she suggested that I be checked into a psychological ward.  And,  that I will not be able to attend any future family dinners.  She flung my comedy book across the table right at me in a fit of mad rage.  I ducked,  but caught the precious cargo with a hand stretched upwards.  My ninja skills came in handy that evening.

No,  she actually loved it.  She found the story to be good.  She is not saying this because I am handsome,  or because I give her a nice gift every month.  I forget peoples birthdays, even hers.  I am just a  forgetful guy.  So this is a really good sign.  My wife liked it too,  but I rather my mother in laws opinion over my wife.  I think my wife would be more biased.   Anyways,  I cannot do a tour of bookstores today,  due to the fact my wife is thinking we should go to the beach first.  I will let it go for now.   Time to relax,  till then.


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