How to advertise a book properly....

Yes,  I would like to know how to advertise a book properly. Through the right avenue, so to speak.  Not to spend several thousand dollars to get a message out.  Is there another way of doing it free?  I will be thinking about some of these avenues later on.  But,  to be quite truthful, when you spend allot of money in the production phase,  it is hard to spend it on the promotion phase.  Just that you hope in all entirety that it will take off on its own.  Not saying in a superstaller proportions,  but just sell a few hundred a month.  How about a year?

On my own personal life,  I had to go into work this morning.  The feeders were plugging up at the plant,  burning a newer, wetter coal from outside.  We got in there with air lances,  and helped keep the unit on line.  They unplugged one feeder that was plugged (we did a good job),  but the other is down till tomorrow.  They will change the fuel to a dryer type to help get rid of the sticky situation....  Chow for now..


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