Concentrate, just like minute maid orange juice!

It is hard to concentrate on my book,  as I am working 3 day shifts this week.  Half of the time of the month,  my hands are tied,  and unable to react to any notion that comes up to help with the sale of my book.  It was, although, very nice how one Dog Ear Representative reacted to my book.  The person replied, you have only one sale for June only.  That does not take into effect July yet,  which will be out Aug. 21 st.  You probably sold more during that month.

This person was actually very nice to me,  and kept myself up when I felt a little down.  If every company would have a more human touch to it,  I am sure it would make the extra difference just in sales.  But I do find the Dog Ear Publishing staff do go out of their way to explain the book conundrums that I find myself trying to find explanations too.  So far,  they have given me prompt answers to 99 % of my e mails.  They only complicated one per cent of the process with the ITIN number.  A number which,  I still cannot obtain,  but I will wait for the mail to come in a bit further down the road.... Good news is that my book is still # 1 in Relevance for Dog Ear Publishings 90 day new release list.  Unfortunately,  I will be soon gone from that list,  as time whisks bye.  Till then...


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