Ready to print off Part 2 of The Supermarket Guy

Setting up the printer now.  Not sure if I have enough ink in it for this job.  Getting a binder, hole puncher ready, and brown envelope.  Have to check again about the copyright information.  I believe they only want a certified cheque from a bank!  Have to think about the sub title, make sure it is what I feel is right for the book.  If it reaches that stage.  Only book sales results of the first will tell the tale.  I am actually not looking forward to going through the process again.  Reading it, over and over again, even though the first one (and this one) continued to make me laugh everytime I read it.  Thems the brakes.. 

Now, the average book sales of the POD publishers is around 200 sales per author.  I am at the back of the pack, I assume, so I would not expect many sales.  I think the top 5 % or so garner the brunt of the sales volume.  Those who are truly gifted,  or have a better understanding of marketing than most do.  For now,  I will print off  Part 2 in case I do make 500 to 1000 sales.  I do not expect it.  Till then...


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