Happy 4 th of July to the U.S.A!

My profile on good reads is getting much better now.  I have 9 friends,  with a few reviewers on there, that may later on actually check out my book.  Today I found some other friends who have the same humour interests as I have.  It took me awhile to figure out how to navigate the site,  but it is probably much like facebook in how you can add friends.  I am not all that computer savey, but if I play with something long enough, it all usually comes together.

I will know some results on July 15 th on book sales.  It is fast approaching,  and I am not certain as to if I sold 10 or a 100.  I see it is being sold in Switzerland,  and in Croatia, and of course a slew of bookstores in the United Kingdom has it on their websites. 

I want to wish our American freinds a great, super, 4 th of July celebration!  They are the second leading visitors to my blog,  after Canada, then before Germany.  Thanks!


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