Nice e mail back from Budweiser!

Budweiser responded at the time,  they were not going to go through the avenue that I pitched to them to advertise their product.  They sent me back a nice e mail,  and for that,  I am thankful that they did send me something back.  Not like some companies,  that leave you hanging for weeks,  or maybe even not even send back a response.

Pepsi declined also.  It was nice of them to e mail me back rapidly as well.  There is only one conglamorate left,  to get an answer from.  I did e mail budweiser back,  ( the last time),  to say thanks, and once again to plead my case.  But it is the last one.

I have to color my part 2 out,  sometime this weekend.  It is going to be difficult to get all the color schemes to look they way the book should be portrayed.  Today,  the wife wants to go relax out somewhere,  so I thought I should write this blog before taking off.  They have paved bicycle trails in Caraquet,  so I imagine we will be scooting down the trails for a bit of time.  They even have the yellow lines in the middle...  Till then...


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