Sales total as promised.

Total sales for the month of June,  1 book sold.  I did not see July up yet,  in Dog Ears stats,  so I will assume I sold one book for June.  I am glad I did not tell my friends about the book, as I would not have gotten a real idea of how something like this sells right from the start.    I do not like to take my friends charity anyways, as much as I love em.  One book sold with no advertising basically at all.

For myself,  it is not about the sales,  but that I did try to produce something.  I still feel good when I look at the book,  even though I spent 3500 dollars on it.  It just makes it that much harder to spend more money on it,  when you believe that there is no market out there for it.

Part 2 will never be produced at this rate,  but maybe it is for a reason.  It slows down my production by 100 per cent.  All I know for now,  is that I am quite satisfied with producing the one book that I probably will ever create.  I am thinking I may actually ask for the electronic copies back, and halt total production.  I will think about it,  anyways, till then...


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