Sales results are slow coming.

No sales results yet from Dog Ear Publishing.  I went to one blog,  where an author who deals with Dog Ear had a hard time to get sales results from them.  What he said, was that in effect,  it is difficult to know how well your book is really doing.  How much to spend on advertising,  and so on,  before it is too late.  I was thinking much the same.

I sent two e mails to get some information on sales.  They will only read the e mails on Monday, as they are off for the weekend. The July results are not up yet.  From there,  if no one gives me a satisfactory response,  I will need to make a phone call.  The other blog site added that a person could set up your own book counting system,  from free programs offered on the internet.  I will check into that later.  I am quite satisfied with Dog Ear publishing,  except the sales reporting information.  Till then...  Part 2 still lays in limbo.


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