Hard to tell what time may bring.

As of late,  I discovered that some higher prices on my book was due to the fact that it was being published in the United Kingdom, and offered for sale in North America.  No doubt,  but I do believe the First Editions are worth money.  Of any book.  Off all books out there,  and someday the collection business will grow,  so I expect.  I will not wear out my signiture or lower its cost,  signing for my ten fans and myself.  It is just like selling this thing on the moon!

The next thing,  is they say when you write a book, you have to contact allot of media outlets.  Media is the breathing force behind sales.  If people know it is out there,  chances are they will have a peek at it.  I gained more confidence as of late,  as people close to me love my book.  This is a tremendous boost,  now that it does not matter how it really does.  Budweiser turned down the proposal thus far to do anything with it.  Pepsi, will not do anything with it either,  for any type of promotional themes.  Budweiser had the nicest reply,  while Pepsi was more automated. 


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