The first week of June for planting.

Here in N.B., my father always said, wait until the first week of June to plant your garden. With global warming, I wonder if we could put this back a week or so. Maybe 2 weeks? I will see what to do when the weather approaches.

Usually, I would buy seeds for bean pods that had a growth period of approximately 60 days. The butter beans, yellow style, and the green as well. Plenty of time to grow, before the cold weather hit in the fall. Same as carrots, cucumbers, or any seed we planted. We would always look on the back of the package, and determine the times for planting. His soil was always great for growing.

The soil here at my house, is very weak. I grew bean pods years ago, but they did not come that good. A deer cropped them of as well, one year. When I bought the land, I discovered later on that the owner had already stripped off the topsoil. We then bought some soil, and made some large wooden boxes out in the back. We bought a brand name soil booster in sacks, and mixed them in the soil. Problem being, that there were metal flakes in the soil. This made us want to investigate the problem.

Then they tested the soil in the sack, and did not really come back with much of anything, except not to use the soil. And this took several weeks, if not months of inactivity on our part. Thinking, maybe the soil is good. Let it grow. They gave us a gift certificate for shopping at the store. At least they gave us that. It makes you wonder about the safety of everything you buy, these days.

Now, I am stuck with soil in boxes that, is probably fine just sitting there, but not of good enough quality to grow anything. This puts much discouragement, into having to fill those boxes again with good soil. I do not think I will ever buy bags of soil "rich earth" again. It sure ruined my garden, last year. If I do find the time, maybe I will get at it. Just, maybe.

Have a good afternoon, till next time...


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