Price dropped for my Books on Amazon.UK

Interesting thing happened today. Prices dropping for my books, on Amazon.Uk. In the USA, the prices have remained solid, and at the top suggested pricing.

The reasons, could be a few. One, being the fact that I have been checking this site very often, that it creates a log of it. The log, may have caused them to lower the price to make them think I will buy my own book. This is the same, as if someone else somewhere was continually hitting that site, and they finally gave in to drop a juicier lure. I am not sure if this is really the case. But, I have heard through the grapevine, that it may be one of them. I checked on another computer system, and the prices were still low, so maybe this is not the way it is.

Second, it could be that they do have some books in their warehouse to move. Maybe, the "2 remaining books" and "Order while supplies last" maybe taking up their valuable space. This could be, bad for me also, as  a clearance to get rid of my books forever more and never restock them.

I am thinking, that they are trying to actually help me. They reduced their discount pricing, to try to jump start something. A Canadian dollar is .60 cents to a British pound.

4.94 was the price in lbs for Part 1. This is down from probably 12 or so pounds.

2.63 was the Kindle price, for approximately both Part 1 and Part 2. This is down from 4 or so pounds.

The Paperback Price for Part 2, is not listed currently. This is oddly, interesting. Only offered by other sellers, on Amazon.Uk.  Interesting.

This is indeed the most puzzling day, I had in the entire book history of selling... I hope, it does not bide bad tides.. 


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