Books are sent to the contest winners!

I sent the books out yesterday, to the contest winners!

Thanks allot for participating, and later on we may have another short, small contest in a little while. Just all depends on the work load with other things here...

I was thinking that making it short like that, it would help as to not crash my e mail server ( a joke in itself), as it never happened... But, I may think of doing the contest another way, or the same.

Today is exposed to be plus 27, in Northern NB. Soon time to put in the gardens, maybe next week. I have 1024 followers on twitter, which is hard to believe, but with over 5000 tweets placed.

I have a 5 to 1 tweet ratio for followers, while I see many have a 10 to 1 follow to tweet ratio for gaining followers. Some people hardly tweet, and they got a huge following. What am I doing wrong ;)

I worked a little bit on "Supermarket Dominium" yesterday, creating the preamble, and then inserting more fine tuning into the book. More fine tuning is required, again and again, until it all sticks together with a good flow.

Well, time to go... I hope you all have a great day,  till next time.


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