Part 2 is all over the world.

The "Rise of the Market Overlord, Supermarket Guy 2" is world wide. I seen it in Japan, UK, Sweden, Germany, and even in my native home of Canada.

The publisher sent me my 5 free books today! To my surprise, the error still existed on the front cover page. Rise of the Market Overload. Overload?  I somehow missed out, on that title. It would have also been a trooper of a title. Oh well.

But, the fine people at my publishing house, told me it was corrected. It was just that I ordered my books before the correction took place. I made double sure, to ask again, as when I received my first 30 books the error was there. Just a few days later, and the errors still exist on my 5 freebies.

A guy at work wanted one already. He thinks it could go antiquarian, with that mistake in there. I said, the chance is there.

On the handy dandy side of things, I repaired a squeaky floor here the other day. I went down in the basement, and looked and searched for a deformed beam. They all looked straight, and even butted up against the plywood tight. I had to glance real close, to see a mm or a half of a mm space in between my floor joist and the plywood.

I asked the other half, to walk on the floor. I could hear the sound, close to where the small distance was. I did not hammer wedges in the space. It was a very, very small space. They say to use hardwood wedges, and use nail glue to make the floor squeak go away.  All I did, was get some small laminate thin wood strips, and pressed them in place with nail glue corking spread over it. I then went upstairs, and stood in the place for 5 minutes. The squeak was gone, even before I stepped on the area of squeak.

I was worried of banging in hardwood wedges, as to spread the distance further apart between the joist and plywood. For larger problems, I would use that method. But, for a small spread of a mm or a half of one, I would just use a thin wood material, and push them in with nail hold corking coated on top and bottom. They say it holds like nails, and it seems to do the job.

Have a good afternoon, till next time..


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