Review of Cedar Rapids Movie

Cedar Rapids was a great comedy film. Ed Helms and John C. Reilly really put together an oddball couple of sorts, with one on the mild side and one on the wild side.

Ed Helms is Tim Lippe, a man who things everything is not what it seems. He starts dating his old teacher, who is quite a few years older than him. He believes it is a steady relationship, while only seeing each other once a week. Working for an insurance company, with their star agent dead, he is sent to the annual convention to try to win the diamond award.  He being told my numerous people to stay clear of Dan Zeigler (John C Reilly), who is someone who would ruin a persons chances at winning the prestigious award.

Eventually Ed lets loose, and goes a bit wild the next few nights. He feels guilty about his behaviour, and ends up calling his teacher in his home town telling what happened. Nearly falling apart, he goes on another wild binge, after things could not get much worse. In the end, he must make a decision on whether to do something dishonest to win, and then relinquish the actions.

A good film, I give it a 4.5 on 5. Watch out for the shock humor, as there is probably an age limit to this film. But, all in all, very well done. Finally, getting back to true comedy.  Till next time...


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