9 days until release of the "Rise of the Market Overlord"

9 days left to go, until the "Rise of the Market Overlord"

The cover, is exactly what is shown on to the right of the screen, under Part 1's cover. The book has to do with a struggle. A huge struggle, and when things do not go a certain way for one of the characters, then events evolve into allot of mud slinging. And, as we say in Canada, things continue to snowball. Until the snowball rolls and comes to a point where it splatters and covers the landscape to its original form. We hope.

This book may have to do a little with a process called, "Winging it".  I seen allot of people wing things, in their lives. When you are not prepared for a presentation, or a test, but come out on top, you just winged it. When you are not prepared for a big match, or a sporting event when you are predicted to do nothing, maybe you just winged it. Maybe it was just luck.

The two books, maybe were based on this a little bit. Especially the first, where he really, did "Wing it". Can you remember a time when, you just winged it? I can remember, a few tests where I did wing a few answers, and got them right. I would not suggest you come unprepared, all of the time... Or where we ever, really, unprepared...

Have a great evening, till next time....


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