10 days until "Rise of The Market Overlord"

I was told, 10 days until the "Rise of The Market Overlord", is released for distribution.  Uploading the files to press, then quality checks, will cover this duration.

Then 7 to 10 days until I receive my 5 free copies, of the Paperback. My original website, www.supermarketguy.com will have the information on the new book. I will also have to approve the Press release information, print marketing materials, and the website update.

Barnes and Noble, Amazon, should have the book available once the book is at press. The digital E book, on the other hand, takes 4 weeks from now to make it through the conversion.

I find the people who work on these jobs, are very lucky. To be assisting in the materials, and helping with the cover of the book. Their job is never a dull one, as hundreds of books are created every 3 months or so from most publishers.

Of course, I can e mail within a week, to see how the progress is going on the book front.  That is the latest news... On the book front... Till next time...


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