When bad family news strikes..

It is amazing how some things can take a terrible turn for the worse.  Cancer is one of those diseases that already took a family member 3 or 4 years ago now.  Now it is going to take another away,  as today I found out another member is full of cancer.  I only pray that some day they find a cure.  The pain, suffering, and the numerous treatments for it, operations, grief it causes for family members,  is gruelling.  But, we all know what it is about.

I was just about to print off my Part 2 tonight,  when the ink cartridge went low.  Is this another bad omen, or is it just telling myself to read it a few times again to add a little more magic to the story.  This version is longer that the first, and is just as funnier.  Maybe funnier, or stranger to some.  I probably will start writing Part 3 only in the fall.  Depends how busy I am with my regular day job,  my priorities at home, and my family.  Lately I have been finding,  I have not been able to have much time to do my things.  Is everyone in the same situation,  as my Father would say?  Seems like every day of the week,  I got errands to run.  I got people to please.  There is no fun time for myself.  I never even got my fishing license yet.  I think I am about to blow my top,  but, I tell myself all the time to relax.  Things will smoothen out in due time...  Till then...  Thanks for following...


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