What came first, the chicken or the egg?

If I new that question,  I would be the Ghandi of Canada.  With my new home on Goodreads,  I have attained 67 friends.  This is quite a feat for myself,  as I tried to obtain as many comedy lovers as I possibly could reach. It is hard to find at times, as within the thousands of people on that site,  there are people with different reading tastes.  I think only two were offended by my profane book, as they kicked me off their friend list in disgust!

I stopped asking for friendship at 60.  Then a few came on board to ask for becoming friends with me.  This was nice for a change,  from going through the list to see who liked humor,  or who had a humor book in their listings.  Amazingly enough,  there is one person that has 8000 friends on there!

It is almost as if he is the leader of an internet city,  or making his own book colony,  ready to take over the book universe.  I will definitely not steer my book ship into his.  Till then...


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