Total sales results not out yet!

My Apologies again.  The sales results from Dog Ear publishing are still not updated for July.  They say the middle of the month,  so I always assume the 15 th of the month.  Could it be that they have slow counters?  Could it be they have computer problems?  Could it be I sold zero copies?  It is all relevant to knowing nothing.

All I can say,  is that come July 18 th,  I should have something.  I think I sold 10 or 20 copies,  maximum.  I will be quite frank. There is no big advertising campaign here.  I know usually,  and the stories,  of how even some comic books went through hard times to achieve sales.  Marvel, Archie, for awhile, but they bounced back somehow.  I think Marvel with the movies.  Oh well.  The next few days I will pour over my Part 2,  dreaming that I can publish it.  But I will face perhaps a grim, bitter reality.  The numbers will not be there to produce it.  I know it.  And even this blog will disappear from the web universe.

Alas,  we will do what everyone else can do.  Look for something else to do with our time.  I was invited to a moose hunt this fall.  Maybe I can blog about that!  Till then....  Keep drinking beer!


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