No longer following ratings of my book on Amazon.

I decided to no longer strongly follow the ratings on my book on amazon.  As there are 14 million books there already for sale,  when I look at Dog Ears ratings,  the book is always in the top 20 at the bottom.  I will go to occasionally check the 90 day new release standing,  but once it disappears from there,  I will go check less and less as time moves on.

It is strange how,  the feeling of excitement leaves once your book is published for the first time.  It is like having drunk 12 beers, and going on Kracken, one of the rides at Seaworld.  Is something going to come out of your stomach,  or out of the aye hole? First,  you are not sure how your book is going to be perceived by the readers.  In retrospect,  I am just glad my family enjoyed it.

All I know it is no use to write part 3,  as part 2 may never be published.  Sales are just too low.  My marketing skills are lacking for a direction in this new realm that I am unfamiliar with.  Anyone can tell you,  I am a great salesman when it comes to selling my own second hand stuff.  It does not stay on the shelf long,  as I do take care of my stuff quite well.  And if it is worn for the worse,  I always reduce the price so it will sell fast.

There was one site I visited,  that commented the price of a new release should be fairly low,   in the 4 dollar range.  The only problem there is,  is that the POD publisher takes a 35 % cut, and then the sales people take a 40 to 25 % profit.  That means, depending on the work to do and how big your book is,  the POD publisher will want to make between 3.50 to 5.50 on each of your book.  So right from the start,  the bar is set.  And,  personally, you have a hard time to give up ground when others are taking significant chunks from your work.  It is like arm wrestling with three arms in the contest.  Not much movement will occur if we all pull different ways.  Chow for now...


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