The IRS sent back my papers today

The IRS sent back my documentation today.  I was worried I was not going to get back my passport,  but they did send it back, as promised on the website.  To go through the whole process again,  I will make sure this time everything is there.  What would happen if I was invited on American Gladiator to showcase my book, while ducking under a clothsline from Hulk Hogan.  Or invited to Germany to read the book drunken and backwards, at their beer fest.  Or even invited to Russia, to read a few paragraphs at the Kremlin to promote local hiring in Siberia.  A passport is essential at this time... Unless the underground railway still exists.

I was only missing a signature.  That is all it took for my application to be sent back.  From the publishing company.  I asked for this through the mail,  and I will continue to wait if I see it dropped by a stork or pigeon at my doorstep,  within a reasonable time.  But,  as mentioned,  if sales are low as they could be,  I would not need an ITIN for under a thousand sales.

I will be off for a few days,  and Sunday or Monday,  will have to go into the woods for to check on a spot for a Moose hunt with a bunch of guys.  Some people do not like the taste of moose meat,  but I would say safely 75 % of people do.  There are more licenses this year,  so it will be interesting to see how many hunters are successful.  Till then..


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