Dog Ear Book Counter on vacation for a week!

Hey,  my book counter is out for another week.  Where is he gone,  to abacus school?  No, wait a minute!  Everyone needs a vacation,  and I am glad he went to the beach to count sea shells for a change.  But, I will call tomorrow to ask,  why can't they count up to ten.  I mean,  that is probably all the books I sold..  I know everywhere that anybody has a job,  you usually have to be replaced by someone when you go on vacation.  Someone has to pick up the slack.

But,  as we all know,  he probably has some fancy dandy computer program or password no one has access to. Smash that computer!  And that is the answer I will get when I call tomorrow.  You watch! I can blog about how I was right tomorrow evening.  Call a spade a spade.  This is unfortunate,  because now I am really getting frustrated.  I am about to blow my top!  I have to go get an aqua seltzer.


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