The cover for the book is 2/3 rds done

Last night,  pencil sketching lightly to produce the first copy (2 hrs).  Got a few pages of paper out first,  to roughly put to practice what I wanted on the draft copy.  Then began to draw,  light lines.  After I was fairly satisfied with what I had drawn,  I printed these off to make a few copies.  Just in case I make a major mistake in tracing with black later on.  Then,  I traced the light lines with a black, fluid pen (an hour and a half).  Then printed off several copies for corrections if I get the color wrong. 

The last thing that I may do tonight,  is to just play with the colors.  To see if I can get the right blend for certain items shown in the picture.  It is going to take allot of experimentation.  Till then...


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