Camper trailers knocked over in Grande Anse!

Just recently,  I recieved some photos of some campers that were tossed over due to high winds.  Squalls came down through the other day,  the news put out tornado warnings and hail.  In this area we got a few down pours of rain, and allot of lightning.  I think the forecast will remain the same for tomorrow somewhat.

Since the rain has arrived again,  I decided that I might as well work on my new cover for my book.  It is going to have an ominous sky, black clouds from smoke,  not the H20 creation.  Two men duelling it out on the cover for survival.  Lightning, shooting downward from the sky as well,  or from electrical fixtures blowing up by water sprinklers shorting them out.  It may take awhile to get all the dimensions straight, to get all the characters at the right stance.  The main thing, is that it conforms to Part 1,  where I drew the book cover.  I might as well keep it the same.  Have a good night,  till then...


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