At the Jardin Des Metis in Gaspesie!

The wife urged me to go on a little trip this past Saturday,  and this Sunday, at the Jardin Des Metis near Mont Jolie, in Quebec.  There,  they have beautiful floral gardens with pathways surrounding a beautiful majestic mansion.  One night at a dinner at a restaurant, the beautiful Metis Sur Mer, there unbeknownst to me,  a Mr. Paul Almond was sitting a table away with Mr. Alexander Reford.  He is the great grandson of Elsie Reford,  the creator of the gardens.  I did not feel like interrupting their dinner, as it was a beautiful evening.  Then the next morning came.

We had a nice breakfast there at the Jardin de Metis (smoked mackeral on a biscuit with semi boiled eggs/ sauce),  and later walked around the gardens.  I got stung by a wasp on the ankle.  I could feel the sting for a good half hour after.  The International Garden festival takes place there every year,  since 2000.  Competition from New York, Germany, and other countries that put their own unique flavor to gardening there with their own plot arrangements.  All that time,  I never got to talk to Mr. Almond who was there at the gardens as well, as he was with many people at the time.  I am not someone to rush through a crowd to interrupt anyone either.  But,  it was a nice pleasure to see such a man being successful at what he does best.  His books are national best sellers. 

The Jardin Des Metis is a spectacular gardening attraction,  and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a flowering vacation.  The different variety of flowers and plants are nestled around paths between forested areas, and in open areas around the mansion as well.  We are so lucky to have it in Gaspesie,  Quebec, Canada!

Not much new on the home front,  besides that.  Hopefully some sales results will be out,  this week. Till then...


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