Where would any country be, without, the sawhorse?

I was thinking about that today.  Where would any country be,  without,  the sawhorse (s)..   I did small carpentry jobs around the house,  and sometimes you have to use chairs to saw a piece of lumber.  Two old chairs,  and sometimes if the wife is away,  you can sneak down the nice chairs from the dining set to cut on..  Be careful not to scrape them up..

The sawhorse.  Now they make them out of metal,  and are folding.  Do not use them as a scaffold.  I built two of them today.  One of them rocked a bit,  and I had to shave off one of the legs a small amount.   Mine are 30 inches high,   and right after that I took to cutting some plywood to fix my floor in my shed.  The old floor has allot of gaps in it,  good enough for mice to get in...  I put a stop to that.

Yes,  without the sawhorse,  how could a country get built up so fast.  In some areas of the world,  it may be referred to as a mule.  I know it makes cutting plywood, long lumber,  small lumber,  a breeze.  Who thought of it first.  Was it Noah?  Someone told me that the other day...  At any rate,  without the mule,  how could any carpenter get the job done fast and efficient?  They are light, and easy to store.  It may just be some mans best friend,  over old fido, or even your wife!  Till then...


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