It cost 250 bucks to clean out my septic tank!

It cost 250 dollars to clean out my septic tank.  It was 4 years since I got it cleaned,  and it was packed in there pretty good.  I could have left it over the winter,  but then you take a chance on the line plugging.  The guy from the super sucker service indicated that my pipe was long coming into the tank.  It might have been 3 inches from touching the baffle.  Then,  he indicated that he sucks from the manhole cover,  not the end covers,  which,  are smaller.

Then I dug out the bigger manhole cover.  I was thankful it was only a foot or so of gravel on top.  Some Septic tanks are deep,  like my fathers,  which is 3 and a half feet deep to get to the top of the tank.  Then,  we pulled on the manhole cover handle.  It broke off.  We finally got the cover off with a pick,  and then he done his job.

One job of digging out the port for cleaning,  left me with 2 new jobs.  I put a new handle on the manhole cover with some aircraft strength wire.  The cover alone must weight 50 lbs.  I then cut an inch off the pipe leading into the tank.  This would allow for more room for the toilet paper to drop in the tank,  without rubbing against the baffle.

I covered the tank,  and now am good for 3 years.  I put an indicator on top to find where the hole is,  in years to come.  I found the price to clean out my tank expensive.  Some regions pay around 190 dollars to clean it out.  It is for,  about a half hour to 45 minutes of work.  Maybe I am in the wrong business.  I will give up being an author,  and become,  a septic tank guru.  Have a great day,  Till then..


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