Farmers market every Saturday!

We have a farmers market open every Saturday.  This is where,  for the most part,  people can bring their home made goods to be sold.  It is not only for farmers,  but they are there too.  They do have sausage makers there, or snitzels booths there,  where they cook them and make lunches.  Breakfast is offered,  and there is nice cuisine from different parts of the world as well.  There are people from the Asian nations that offer up their own special style of cooking.  A table from India is there as well....

And,  how can anyone resist bacon wrapped scallops!  They are there too!

Besides food,  there are quilts,  knitted slippers, books,  vinyl records ( say they were,  the best sound, maybe even today),  and other small wood working projects to buy.

A farmers market is fun.  And,   I am sure all across the world,  they are to be found everywhere.  I hope everyone finds some time,  to enjoy an outing at their local markets and support their neighbors.  Till then..


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