Got back my 122 dollars plus tax on return item.

As soon as I got up from snoozing,  I went to the Associate Canadian Tire store in Bathurst.  There,  I waited in line a good 20 minutes,  until I pulled my receipt out from my pocket to give it to the return teller.  There,  she indicated that I would have to bring in the two garage door openers,  in order to get the refund.  Now, just imagine.  What if I had installed those garage door openers.  Not much I could have done,  but I would have been out more money.  I asked to talk to the manager,  in case she was pulling a bluff.  She was not bluffing, and that the manager requested for me to bring in the packaged door openers.  After a look of frustration,  and a realization that maybe receipts could be forged,  I went back to get my boxes.

I then returned,  this time with no line ups.  I had to actually get credited the money on my debit card.  Then, I was ready to go and buy another two garage door openers over in the aisle.

I found this experience,  somewhat inefficient.  For myself,  having to go back and get the boxes.  I think a receipt would have done the job,  with a money refund on the card.  Now, when looking at their receipts, they show allot of information about the transaction ( with a special red ink on the back).  I do not know if it could be easily copied. Do they have to do this to everyone? But,  yet,  they are going to even make me go get two new boxes,  and then make one of their workers restock what I had returned. Then do a final transaction at the cash,  to buy the new set of openers.

As the world turns...  Is it spinning backwards?  Or am I just still nauseated from working night shifts?  Till then..


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