Part 2, Rise of the Market Overlord a far fetched concept...

As I told my co workers at work,   Part 2 of the Supermarket Guy will probably be never published.  Sales are sluggish,  and this is just the number one underlying factor.  It is difficult to justify spending another 3500 dollars for a book that,  does not produce or generate any sales worth while talking about.  I probably sold 25 copies in the last few weeks, which is barely keeping over the cost of giving some free copies to relatives away.  My relatives and a few friends were very good to me when I was young,  so I obviously did not want any money for the freebies given to them. My fledgling career as an author has come to an abrupt stall.  I cannot write,  without anyone buying my product.  I sure had ideas for a part 3,  and a part 4,  but it is impossible to write without some positive encouragement. And,  a book on comedic poetry as well... All in the dustpan,  as my mother would say.  There is no chance to be given.  Even amazon, or any other site it is on, they books are far buried down the line in hundreds of thousands of e pages.  Who,  in their right mind will look for a book buried,  that far down the blackened abyss of POD.

And my book is now 4 to 5 months old.  Soon it will be steamrolled over,  yet again,  by new releases.  I am thinking of doing a campfire tonight,  and starting it with the pages of Part 2.  Does my ten fans want to come over and roast some hotdogs.. How about a pig?  It is on a CD,  I unfortunately cannot burn plastic ( environmental hazard),  but I can break it up in a thousand pieces with my 12 lb sledge... Your Frustrated author, but I love my then fans!!! Till then..


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