I am a professional 45 auction player...

I played auction 125 today.  It is a fun game.  The 5 is high,  Jack, A of Hearts, then the A,K,Q,J,  of the same suit are trump,  then going down from high in red to low in black.  Now,  everyone has their own rules.  We can only bid 60 for 30 on being on the plus side,  120 to 60 on the negative side (hole).

Guys at work get frustrated at my play.  It is because,  I win,  and,  I win allot.  They tell me they want to bring me to a casino.  I tell them,  that I find they are pretty lucky at times too.  It just depends,  sometimes,  what you catch in the kitty and what your partner has.

There are some obvious ways to play the game.  There are,  sometimes,  what you hold in your hand,  and depending on what score the other team has,  you may play a little more or a little less aggressively which can make the game.

Today,  my opponents put us in the hole.  They were at 100,  looking for game.  When in the hole,  we have the rule we can go 120 for 60.  You have to make every hand.  I got a 5, Ace of hearts, and a few more small hearts.  I blew the roof off of her.  120 for 60.  I made the bid,  as I caught the jack of hearts in the kitty.  Then,  we made two 30 hands straight in a row.  Game.  Some sore faces in the room on the opposite team.  Cards are amazing.

Nearly impossible and hard to do.  If casinos could figure out how to do it like poker ( eliminate cheating), this is an awesome game to play.  Do you hear that,  Trump!

But,  when your back is against the wall,  you will do what it takes,  to win...  Till then...


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