When dictators fall. Another book will be released... Maybe a few...

Interesting today,  how on television it showed how many politicians were cozy with Momar Khadafi.  I know I did not spell his name right,  oh well.  It was only Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher that gave him a few airstrikes,  and Reagan broke off all ties with him.

Then,  the world embraced him after Khadafi dismantled his nuclear weapons ambitions.  It showed on television, how our leaders embraced him and shook his hand.  Of course,  you deal with the situation you are thrown in upon.  Why did some of our current world leaders shake his hand.  At the time,  he was in power, and relations must be kept, somehow, you hope maybe the man had changed?  We hope to believe,  our leaders shook his hand for the sake of his people,  and not for him. He still represented ( unfortunately) the Libyan people at that time.  A blind handshake,  maybe.  And all of those famous singers that sang for the man.  Did they not know of the mans infamous background? All they knew was that he drove a camel with chrome horseshoes,   and a Diamond bridle to boot?  Maybe they did not know, he was stealing millions of oil revenue from his people.

It took only Khadaffis own peoples revolt,  to turn handshakes into a few knives thrown in the back.  NATO airstrikes helped,  and they helped allot.

Here is a tip of the hat,  to the Gipper,  Ronald Reagan,  and Margaret Thatcher.  The two knew a dictator when they seen one,  and they did not back down!  Besides that,  no news on the book... All I know is that there maybe several book releases on this dictators past life... We know it..  Till then...


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