Began to write Part III, of, The Supermarket Guy

I wrote 5 pages of Part 3,  of The Supermarket Guy.  It is the beginning,  of what I hope,  to be,  another funny segment of the series.  It has some interesting changes,  and I will try to keep the main characters in the loop and give them more adventures with the main character.  I can see the cover for the book in my mind now,  as I figured it out to match with the adventure in the book.  There is an impending cataclysm to come.  Harold has to do something,  despite the odds that are against him,  to save the day.  We know this is how many plots go ( the show/series 24 sometimes, Armageddon, Outbreak, ect, ect).

I also thought of a childrens book last night in my dreams.  A comedy childrens book, with a good moral behind it.  I will see if I have time to produce it.  Or have the inspiration to do it.  Sometimes things come to me in and I have to get to the keyboard to type it down before I lose the story behind it.  I have the cover page here in the house for it, which looks great.

Well,  I have to go for now.  Some business is calling.  Till then...


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