Twilight the breaking dawn. Or the sleeping yawn?

Well, what can I say about this movie. It is a nice, chick flick. My wife took me there to see it. I was, dragging myself through some scenes that never ended. Like, when the two were kissing at their wedding. The kiss, must have dragged on, for a minute. Was it longer, you say? Then, their love making.  That also, must have dragged on, for 15 minutes.

There was, allot of dragging on. I drug through it. I have to say, I do find the Vampire Dairies, a breath of fresh vampire story, as it always leaves you hanging on an edge, even after an episode. You cannot wait to get to the next episode, and, this too, is somewhat of a chick flick. My wife loves to watch it, so I am stuck watching it too, but I am much more happier with the werewolf battling the vampires and actually killing a few here and there while doing it.

I liked the first of the twilight series, much better than this one. But, it just depends what you like. I like action flicks, so I guess, that is why I am a little hard on this one. I seen on allot of sites, they gave this story a 3 on 5. I would have given it a 2 on 5. It is good if you like a few emotional rides, but I found the ending very predictable. And, I just knew, the color of the eyes at the end. Oh well....  To each their own.. Have a great night, till then..


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