Done my 12 hr day shifts!

12 hour day shifts. They can make you tired, irritable, and sometimes behind in work at home. But, in the end, it has got to be done. As we all have to do, what we got to do in life. We get the job done.

The Christmas tree needs to be put up this week, and a trip to Moncton book store to drop off some books. Something I should have done months ago, but the time did not open itself up to me. This will be a true test of how the book will sell.  In a big, bookstore. I have it pegged up here, in a small bookstore in Bathurst with very little traffic. I am not sure I sold even one, but one of my friends was exposed to go in and pick one up there. I will see tomorrow if he has. He has been fairly busy as of late, so maybe he has not...

I notified my publisher of the possibility of publishing with them again.  As, I was quite satisfied, with the end product. Only, the editing process was a little too fast for me, and a little overwhelming. This time, it should come in at a lower editing price. The thing is, it seems, the more mistakes you have in there, the higher the price at the bottom that they take off you. I may go see a local editor here first, before sending it out again through this process. It could save me a buck or so off the bottom price, per unit.

The Rise of The Market Overlord... My possible last book, kick at the can...  Have a great night, till next time..


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