Passed my best months previous Blog Record by 1.5 %

I was wondering if, I would go past my last months blog results... I did not expect to, as the Holidays are here, and I expected everyone to be drinking beer!  Not only that, the worry was also, due to an unfortunate family occurrence, I had to stop writing on here for a good while... So, this comes to me as a good surprise!

But, the beer did not stop people from coming on here! I am happy to announce that my blog has so far, an increase in viewership of 1.5 %, and it is not even the end of the month yet!

Besides that, I mentioned to another side of the family about my Book this morning at a small cafe. They did not, know anything about it. I was under the impression, that they did know something about it, but I guess some of them did not.. Oh well, now they all know.. I think..

Being at the relatives family supper last night, we had a lovely time, the children were singing Christmas songs, and it was very well done! Thus, today, I had no time to go over anything, or do any work on my book.. Maybe, tomorrow, will give me some time to polish up Part 2. I hope you all have, a great evening.. Till then..


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