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Where did the bats go.

An article, from the CBC news about the disappearance of bats from our neighborhoods. They say it is the white fungus, that affected the bats instincts. They now come out in the cold times, when they are not exposed to. Here is a link from the CBC NB site.

There has been a fascination with bats in the old days. Now, we only hear about a bat around this area if a new Batman film has been released. I cannot remember, the last time I seen a bat. When living in my little village of Jacquet River, when as a kid, Mother would always say when going outside at dark, watch not to let the bats in.

They were all over the place, at night, especially in the summer months. I would go outside, and see the bats flying around like crazy, around the lights. The lights, where the hot heat emanated from. I thought they were attracted to the lights, somehow. But the more I think about it, the bugs were attracted to the lights. Thus, the bats came flying with their radar towards them, scooping up as many as they could. Now I see the light.

When young, our porch light was always near the front door entrance. That is why, so many entered into the old house at home. My mother would screech, you let another one in! I would take out my badminton racket, and wham. My father had come down with a towel, to try to grab him. Now, I realize my fathers wisdom in doing so. He wanted to grab him, and throw him back outside innocently. Oh well, I was just a kid.

Then was the old fable, that a bat can get caught into your hair. My parents always reminded me that it did happen to a relative of ours,  and yes, had to get it cut out of our relatives hair. It ruined his hair, so the story went. They still say it is true to this day. My parents always said, watch they do not get caught into your hair. It may have been due to the light of the porch being so close to the entrance of the house.  Just a foot or two, from the door.  But, I still believe they try to avoid humans at all cost, but because they were feeding so close to the light, it could have happened.

Oh, and maybe they can change into a Vampire.. Maybe they can bite you and give you rabies... Maybe they are just a mouse with wings!

Bats can eat allot of mosquitoes. Allot of insects. This is probably the main reason, why some farmers should be concerned on the food production side of things. The bats act as a pesticide, removing unwanted bugs from eating or spoiling their crops.

We humans need the bat. Lets get on the bat phone, and call up a rescue plan. Have a great afternoon, till next time...


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