A snag in the road of production..

I hit a snag, on the road of distribution.

"The Supermarket Guy II: Rise of the Market Overload", was placed on Amazon.com as my second book.

Overload?  Not Overlord. I began to laugh, mildly at this mistake... Then I wondered, how such a mistake, could be made.

I e mailed the publisher, with the link to show them their error. I wondered how many book sellers had the title as such, and how many press releases had the title as such. Just a typo, and to be truthful, mistakes do happen.

Then I thought, I better check the whole thing over again. I checked even my own book cover... Yes, there was an "R" in Overlord. Phew... Then I checked, the paper cover page. It had "Overload" on it.. Gesh...

So, I then rechecked the e mail that I sent for to make the corrections. It specifically stated, that I put "Rise of the Market Overlord" underneath "The Supermarket Guy II".  It was right there, in black and white.

The first pass came around, and to my own fault, I did not review the cover page, as I went over it rapidly. An R and an A sometimes look somewhat similar. It was a quick glance, as I believed the cover page could not possibly, have a mistake on it... Just goes to show...

This should be interesting. I probably will be charged 27 dollars for to fix this glitch. Or, they may take it as their own fault, as the instructions sent on the e mail were specifically for Overlord....

I will find out this afternoon... It is posted on Amazon.com now, as "Rise of the Market Overload".  I liked that title as well... Wish I would have thought of it, actually, way earlier ;) . Maybe, all those antiquarian people may be lucky enough to get a copy, as it will be a rare mistake in the book... Especially, in a first edition..

Till next time,  have a spell correct day...


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