"Rise of the Market Overlord" Gaining in Relevance

Just on the Amazon.com, and Amazon.Uk sites, my Part 2 has been Rising in Relevance in the 30 day new release column, for Dog Ear titles only.

At Amazon.Uk, my book has been # 1 in Relevance for all Dog Ear titles (only), for the last 9 to 10 months or so.

Now this book, Part 2, is heading up the newly released list, to the front page in both the USA and UK.

I may be thinking of having a contest soon, on here. I will explore the details tomorrow, as I never had done something like this before. Due to the costs of mailing, it maybe only available to certain areas of the world. If my book was a best seller, I could widen the contest to all regions of the globe. But when mailing costs 50 dollars for one book to halfway around the world, you can guess why I must narrow my contest to probably just North America. If I ever sell allot, I could have a small, worldwide contest. I do wish there was no such thing as high shipping costs, as I wish I could involve all peoples from all countries in this contest.

This is for the Paperback version of Part 1 and Part 2.  A person cannot win them all, but has to identify which one he/she wants. Just a small contest, as I do not expect many to try it out at any rate. 10 of each book part available for to win, only can win one of the two. An e mail will be sent to win, at a select time within an hour of one night this week.

I will give the details out, better tomorrow, as I am half asleep now from night shifts... Have a good evening, till then...


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