News on the book front.

"The Rise of the Market Overlord" Part 2, of The Supermarket Guy, has actually 3 days more of work added to its release date to Barnes&Noble, and I was saying around 7 days today, now it is approximately 10 to the release.

I e mailed again, to find out if the release was close to my countdown. It was, but I was off quite a bit on that, as the dates are nixed as to when things move. In 7 days, the online retailers above will get the information that the book is ready for sale. But, it could take approximately 3 days for them to design it to their sites, into their search engine and set up. The press release must be, on the time it is available to the distributors.

I think my website will be the same, with just a tab to click to the "Market Overlord" site. I had an e mail back from the designers, and they asked again what I had planned to do. Just to keep the original site, and add a tab to direct towards the synopsis of Part 2. And, maybe just place the cover of Part 2 in a side window on the front page as well. Maybe the cover of the book could be the link itself...

I may have to telephone them, to see if they got my instructions alright. Through e mail, is still not the same as being right there in the production room, seeing how things are going. I wish it was, right next door to me, so I could jot over to explain and watch them work at the design of the website. Maybe I could have been a web designer too... There is still time...  My website is down, as we speak, due to the construction. Then again, when I made the cover for Part 2, I had a gut feeling that it should have sold just by its cover alone. I had a gut feeling, that the book, would sell very well. My gut feelings have, proven me hungry. Shown me personally, that I am totally off the main stream, somehow.

Possibly, Part 2 may cause the resurgence I need, to keep things afloat. I have the gut feeling about the cover. I have the gut feeling again, about the main body of the book. Definitely, entertaining. Definitely, off of the wall. Soon, I will see if my gut is empty again...

Have a good day, till next time...


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