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Mother has bad case of Arthritis.

Arthritis. There are two main types, rheumatoid and osteo. Last year, I had to take my mother to the hospital, as her arthritis count in her blood was high. They had to bring it back down, with medication. Pain killers only help so much, also. Sometimes she will try the Tylenol 3, extra strength, or sometimes Advil. Nothing, truly, works against this painful disease, where every movement can bring soreness and discomfort.

She contracted it bad in her mid 60s. But she could still make bread, make pies, and cook. Once she reached in her early 70s, this became all but the past. She did no longer, have the strength in her hands to form the dough. Then it hit badly one year, where she could not climb the stairs. Her hands are now deformed somewhat, making a concave line from her wrist to her knuckles.

This year, I found my mother was a little better for the wear. She actually walked out to the car today, with a cane. Usually I have to wheel chair her to the car. I had to bring her to an appointment, to the doctor, to get some calcium build up removed. She has 6 lumps, the largest 3 cm in diameter. At our first visit to the surgeon, which was 8 months ago, he told us he could not cut the 6. Maybe 3 can be cut, to ease her discomfort. Well, today he just did one.

The reason given, was that he said he could not do them all at once. That was it, as I only got to my mother after he had cut off one that was on her elbow. We will have to go see another surgeon, in Campbellton, at another day. To get the worst one, which is near her neck, cut off.

Today I was wondering, what was the reason for my mothers small turn around. Of course, they say arthritis can go in remission at times. Maybe, this was one of those times. I was buying her more salads, fresh greens, and less junk. Today she wanted fried chicken, but we opted for a more healthier alternative. Greens, and a roasted chicken from the supermarket. She is also taking seirasil, and I know I did not spell it right. But, it does seem to help, a small bit.

This summer, she maybe alright to walk around outside. I will have to modify the front step a bit, as it is too low. I also raised chairs, and sofas, so she could get up easier and do her main things a little easier.A stair lift, and even a raised toilet seat. To make it easier for her to get up. But, you always wonder if it does a good thing but then a bad thing on the other end. Does it all take the most important exercise away from her? Her muscles, need to work. Especially, in the golden years. I was quite worried about this, but it was just to help defeat the pain in her knees, that she feels when getting up at a low angle. My father, helps her out quite a bit, thankfully.

I hope someday they will find a cure, for all the arthritis sufferers out there. When hands become deformed, and you cannot do the things you love, or enjoy the simple things we take for granted, it is quite a thing. Have a good evening, till next time...


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