The fiddle head of New Brunswick!

Rain will be here tomorrow, for Northern NB. Actually, I am looking forward to it, as the snow melted fast. The land was getting dry, and my front lawn, which is newly planted, needs allot of moisture. There is still some brown patches in between the smaller patches of green.

Fiddle heads. Just a fern, in early development. Late April till early May. This year, they word is out that there may not be that many. You can go near a river bank, or a swampy area, and pick to your hearts delight. If you do not got the ability to go picking, you can usually buy them at the large supermarkets anyways. But this year, they have been having a hard time to pop up from the ground. They say, the rivers over swelled so much, that it ruined allot of the fiddle heads. I will try to get out, to check to see if there are many near the little river close to here. It just takes a small knife, and a bag, and off to the races. Wash them in water, take off all of the brown rust off of them, soak them for awhile, and clean them thoroughly. Boil them for 15 or so minutes, and you have a delicious plate of greens. Good for you. They contain Iron and Potassium. Do not eat them raw, as you could get sick.

But, in walking through some areas of the woods already, I seen there was not many popping up from the ground. Hopefully, now there are much more out there that will sprout out, before the short season is over.

Still looking for a book reviewer... Are you one?  Have a good day, till next time...


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