E Coli Outbreak in N.B.

E Coli outbreak in N.B.,  which was on the local news here, a little while ago. 2 people in Bathurst, 2 people in Saint John, and approximately 20 in the Mirimichi may have contracted the illness.

My mother, who is a worrier, called and asked me not to eat out at the restaurants. No doubt, it could have either come from a food source (ground beef?) or a water source, as in the case of Walkerton Ont. where some people died from the E Coli. Many people have a ultra violet light, passing through their water supply to kill E Coli and Coliform bacteria. Presence of coliform suggests a future path for E Coli to become present in the water supply. It was the worst, ever breakout of E Coli in Canada, thus far. I am not sure if the health authorities found the source of contamination in our area yet. I am sure it takes a certain amount of time for the E Coli to really do some damage to a persons system, and maybe from that time backward they can find the source from what people ate at the time.

I always believed, if you heat your food up, make sure it is well cooked or well done, nothing will happen. Some people, as we know, still like their hamburgers a little on the rare side. On the other hand, salads and fruits are another subject where if you eat out at a restaurant, how sure can you be that their lettuce or vegetables are washed in your salad? They are exposed to wash them, in the morning hours before the rush comes.  All staff should be very well trained to do this. It is the owners responsibility to see that it is done.

Often, we went to restaurants, where the lettuce at times looked a little more worn for the wear. You can always inspect the leafs yourself, to determine if they are rugged for the plate. I am sure 99.9 % of restaurants wash their fruit and salads. And wash them good, I hope. Everybody needs to go to a restaurant for a break, now and then. If you are in business, maybe allot.

E Coli is found in our intestines. It can cause cramps, bloody diarrhea, and possible kidney failure.

Therefore, it is important when going out, handling door knobs at the malls or touching surfaces in a crowded place, to wash your hands before you touch your face- or more importantly, your mouth or nose for that matter...

Have a hand clean free day,  till next time...


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