Contest is over.

The Contest is over. I had two winners, from Ottawa, Ontario, and California USA.

I had over 200 hits on my site, mostly from the USA. Second, Canada, then Moscow.

The people who hit, could have just e mailed me, and they would have won a book. I will check in the near future, for another contest, as this one was... how do I put it. Lackluster, ho hum.

I am not sure, if the problem was with:

1. The requirement of checking out the website, and commenting on a cover, then having to name the largest grocer in a country.

2. 200 hits on my site, maybe not enough. I would have had to get over 3000 hits, to get rid of my free books!

3. Twitter is not as good as it is. I went directly through twitter, to get to my contest base. If this is the case, you really need to advertise again and again and, again.

4. Time frame was not sufficient. I know, now, probably that it was too short. But, when you are new at this, you have to be careful as not to get too many e mails in the box. This is a learning curve, for me.

Thanks to Sean from Ottawa who won a book tonight! And, my good friend lawyer from California who won a book tonight..

Till next time, never give up on those contests that seem, so impossible.. Till next time..


Anonymous said…
Thx for running contest, looking forward to reading the book! Sean

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